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Prime Benchmark, July 2017

2017 年 09 月 07 日

The US dollar depreciated against most Asian currencies by between 0.6% and 6.8% during the first half of 2017. This is reflected in the rental values of income-producing assets in Asia which have become relatively more costly in US dollar terms.

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Prime Benchmark, January 2017

2017 年 04 月 18 日

In December 2016, the Federal Reserve Bank raised the benchmark rate by a quarter-point from 0.5% to 0.75% for the second time since the financial crisis. The action was in response to a stronger US economy and higher inflation expectations. The market generally expects the US dollar to strengthen as a result, with implications for dollar denominated accommodation costs in the region. 

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Prime Benchmark, July 2016

2016 年 08 月 03 日

The global economy continued to make a slow recovery during 1H/2016 while external demand remained challenging. Maintaining adequate liquidity and a relaxed credit environment were the main themes in many Asian countries. However, political events such as the Brexit vote and the US Presidential election are adding some uncertainty to global economic growth and The Fed is likely to be more wary of hiking rates in the near term. Except for China, which saw a depreciation trend, most Asian currencies appreciated against the US Dollar by between 0.1% and 14.7% over the first half of 2016.

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Prime Benchmark, January 2016

2016 年 02 月 22 日

With an uncertain economic outlook and a deteriorating external sector, most of the Asian central banks have maintained low policy rates and weak currencies to boost their real economies and exports. The market impact of the one-off RMB devaluation announced by the PBOC in August 2015 and the Fed’s decision to raise rates at the end of 2015 have induced a new round of currency depreciation in the region. Except for Japan, which saw a slight currency appreciation, almost all Asian currencies depreciated against the US Dollar by between 1.0% and 13.4% over the second half of 2015.

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Prime Benchmark, January 2015

2015 年 01 月 30 日

With a strengthening economic outlook and expectations of rising interest rates, the US Dollar appreciated against most Asian currencies by between 1% and 18% during the second half of 2014. This is reflected in the rental values of commercial buildings in Asia which have become relatively less costly in US dollar terms. However, a mild currency appreciation has been experienced in China, recording a 0.5% rise against the US dollar, compared with the first half of 2014.



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